Grant Readiness Training

Many of our clients are fairly new nonprofits. However, even the most established can benefit from this wonderful seminar put together by Foundation Center. Please take an hour to really dive into this thorough video to help hone your efforts so that you have a stronger position when applying for…

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Nonprofit Management Research

A recent article in the Nonprofit Times published a research study which pointed out that more than half of all nonprofits are lacking in leadership and management skills. From the article: “Four of five nonprofits struggle with leadership and management issues and only 11 percent are prepared to scale for…

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Reasons for Grant Funding Denial

Reasons for Grant Funding Denial There are numerous reasons why your grant may not have received funding. Most foundations do not provide much insight into their decision. You often receive a generic letter that says thank you. They tell you they have many applicants and they just simply can’t fund…

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Consulting services to assist with nonprofit management issues such as:

  • Fiscal Accountability
  • Board Related Issues
  • Management Challenges
  • Fundraising Strategies
  • and more....
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New Nonprofit Grant Package

We offer grant readiness services which include:

  • Master letter of intent/master proposal,
  • Budget development
  • Grant readiness resources
  • Personalized consultation.
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Pro Subscription Plan

We offer affordable grant writing services for the established nonprofit and government agency.

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Customized Packages

On-demand services for nonprofits:

  • Master Proposal
  • Budget(s)
  • Consulting
  • Researched Grant Reports
  • and more....
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Grant Review & Editing Services

We offer editing and proofreading services which include:

  • Master letter of intent/master proposal,
  • Budget development
  • Corporate Donor Requests
  • Grant Reporting
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Nonprofit Support Subscription

We offer nonprofit support subscription services which include:

  • Grant research reports for various sectors and locations
  • Templates you can edit for your own proposals or budgets
  • Activities to help you write your mission statement, evaluations, and program descriptions
  • Helpful tips to help you bring your organization up to grant ready.
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