Pro Subscription Plan

If you are further along in your Nonprofit journey and are ready to have a dedicated grant writer committed to your organization, then the Pro Subscription Plan is for you. This program includes heavier grant applications, such as government grants. Your dedicated grant writer will write 1-2 grants for you per month based upon the package you select. No further payment will be required. This program includes:

  • Grant Readiness Resources
  • Grant Readiness Document Preparation
  • Budget Customization Assistance
  • Grant Research
  • Grant Proposal Preparation and Submission
  • Grant Submission Reporting
  • Grant Report Follow-Up
  • Reports for your Board of Directors
  • Ability to stop and start service as necessary

Grant writer salaries vary from $35,000 – $150,000 annually, in addition to benefits. Our program gives you the benefit of a dedicated grant writer, but savings that cannot be found through traditional staffing practices.

The 12 grant package is $1,500 per month if paid monthly. This offers one grant submission each month.

The 24 grant package is $2,500 per month if paid monthly. This offers two grant submissions each month.

No obligation past the time period paid for. Pay monthly, quarterly, or annually.

Discounts available for quarterly and annual payment plan selections.